Our Church

The Morning Star Baptist Church is a King James Bible believing, family-integrated, soul- winning, independent, fundamental Baptist church. Our church was planted with the support and sponsorship of the Old Path Baptist church of San Antonio Texas.

Brother Sean Heukelman has been designated as the certain prophet (preacher) and teacher of the Morning Star Baptist Church until he is officially ordained as the pastor. (Acts 13: 1)

Brother Sean was born in Pretoria South Africa and received Jesus as his saviour at the age of 10. He and his wife travelled to Botswana to learn Soul-Winning from Pastor Stephen Anderson in 2016 and they have been winning souls in South Africa ever since. We hope that you will come visit and be a part of the Morning Star Baptist Church.

Why King James Bible only?

1. Almost all modern versions, including the NIV (1983 Afrikaans Nuwe vertaling), remove 16 entire verses from the new Testament:
Matt 17:21, Mat 18:11, Matt 23:14, Mar 7:6, Mar 9:44, Mar 9:46, Mar 11:26, Mar 15:28, Luk 17:36, Joh 5:4, Act 8:37, Act 15:34, Act 24:7, Act 28:29, Rom 16:24, 1 Joh 5:7

2. Modern versions make thousands of changes to verses that affect key doctrines like the virgin birth:
"And Joseph and his mother marvelled at those things which were spoken of him" -Luk 2:33 (KJV)
"The child's father and mother marveled at what was said about him" -Luk 2:33 (NIV)

3. Modern versions make the Bible "politically correct" by completely removing words like: hell, devils, sodomite, effeminate, bottomless pit, brimstone, damnation, fornication, whoredom, etc.